AGROVITTLE Private Limited is a global supplier of high-quality soy and mustard products to farmers and growers. Our products are intended to assist farmers in increasing crop yields and earnings while lowering the environmental effect of their operations. In this article, we will explain two of our core products: Soya DOC and Mustard DOC.

Soya DOC, or Soya Dried Organic Compost, is a highly effective and sustainable soybean meal fertiliser. Composting soybean meal with other organic materials such as straw, sawdust, and chicken dung produces the compost. As a result, a nutrient-rich compost strong in protein, nitrogen, and other vital components is produced. Soya DOC is a great fertiliser for soybeans and other crops like corn, wheat, and vegetables.

Soya DOC is an organic fertiliser that is devoid of herbicides and hazardous chemicals. It is also a slow-release fertiliser, which implies that nutrients are released gradually over time. This reduces the risk of over-fertilization while also keeping plants healthy and vigorous. Soya DOC is also a good soil conditioner, improving soil structure, fertility, and water retention.

Mustard DOC, or Mustard Dried Organic Compost, is another high-quality fertiliser product offered by AGROVITTLE Private Limited. It is created from mustard cake and mustard oilseed meal, which are byproducts of mustard oil production. Compost is made by composting these items among other organic materials such as straw, sawdust, and chicken manure.

Mustard DOC is a high-protein, nitrogen-rich organic fertiliser. It is an excellent fertiliser for mustard, wheat, barley, and vegetables since it releases nutrients slowly, reducing the possibility of over-fertilization while maintaining plant health. It is also an excellent soil conditioner, helping to improve soil structure, fertility, and water retention.

Soya DOC and Mustard DOC from AGROVITTLE Private Limited are eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for farmers and producers. These fertilisers are created from organic components, which decreases farming's environmental impact. It's a great alternative to chemical fertilisers, which can be bad for the soil and the environment.

Finally, AGROVITTLE Private Limited's Soya DOC and Mustard DOC are excellent options for farmers looking to increase yields.